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Public Reminded To Follow Guidelines For Bats In Buildings


May 3, 2018

Two Big Brown Bats With the arrival of warmer weather, bats are returning to their summer roosts. Some colonies of bats may utilize buildings for roosting and for raising young. Homeowners with unwanted bats in attics, eaves or elsewhere in a building who wish to remove them need to respond appropriately. Bats are protected by law in New Jersey, and there are proper methods to follow to exclude bats from a building.

Bat colony exclusion must be done following proper methods and seasonal "safe dates" so that bats are not harmed in the process. Bat exclusion cannot be done during the months of May, June, or July when maternity colonies are present and young pups could become trapped inside the building. Physically removing bats or poisoning bats is NOT legal and NOT effective. Fly traps and glue traps should NOT be used in places where bats may encounter them.

For information on state guidelines and how to find professional help visit the Bats in Buildings webpage. Free bat houses are available for "evicted" bat colonies.

Bats are beneficial animals, devouring untold numbers of insects as they go about their nightly foraging. The public can help bats by reporting a bat colony to the NJDEP Division of Fish and Wildlife by e-mailing This will help us track the population and conserve these incredible, beneficial, and imperiled animals.

Bats in Buildings
Bat Information

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