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Arctic Goose Banding Photos

The following sequences of images are from the Summer 2001 goose banding expedition, including Division staffers Ted Nichols and Joe Garris, to the Canadian Arctic. For the complete story see Canada Goose Banding in the Arctic, written by Ted.

The sequence below follows the banding operation from start to finish. Click each image for a larger view.

Canada goose habitat
Moving geese toward nets
Moving geese on foot
Moving geese into funnel
Driving geese into pen
Captured geese from above
Leg-banding a goose
Measuring skull
Wing close-up
Released geese

The banding crew included members from the NJ Division of Fish and Wildlife, Peter Duncan of Nunavik Rotors, Arnaud Bechet of the University of Quebec at Montreal and Sandy Suppa of the Makivik Corporation.

Banding crew
Ted and Sandy at a nest

Habitat scenes from the Ungava Peninsula in the Canadian Arctic.

Mud flats and salt marsh habitat Tidal Leaf River
Showers and foggy weather
Tundra meadows Goose habitat of wetlands, uplands and bedrock

Despite its forbidding appearance, wildlife thrives in this harsh environment.

Gosling close-up
Brood flock in typical tundra habitat
Golden eagle fledgling on nest
Long-tailed (oldsquaw) brood
Arctic fox in den

Goose Banding in the Arctic Article

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