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PDF Segments of the 2021-22 New Jersey Hunting and Trapping Digest


2021-22 Hunting and Trapping Digest Cover The 2021-22 Hunting and Trapping Digest (pdf, 18.5mb) is available on this site in PDF format only; the publisher's interactive web version will be linked from this page when available.

Print versions will be available as soon as possible; exact dates are to be determined.

Past issues of the Hunting and Trapping Digest are linked below.


Cover - Page 6 Includes: Table of Contents; Councils; Mission and Goals; Director's Message; Wildlife Restoration Program; About this Guide; and advertisements. (pdf, 4.05mb)

Pages 7 - 19 Includes: "Welcome to Hunting in New Jersey"; Licenses, Permits and Stamps Information; Disabled Vet License Information; Permit Deadlines; Where to Buy Licenses and Permits; E-mail Lists; Law Enforcement and Regulation Information; "Dumping Violator Paid the Price"; Know Before You Go; Interstate Wildlife Violator Compact; and advertisements. (pdf, 3.23mb)

Pages 20 - 27 Includes: "Take a Kid Hunting"; Veteran/Active Military Waterfowl Hunts; Instructors Needed; Where to Hunt; Public Hunting Lands; NEW Hunting & Trapping Explorer; Where to Practice; General Hunting Regulations; Highlights of Regulation Changes; Hunter Alert; Safety Tips for Crossbow Shooting Success; Antlered Buck Permit Deadlines; Specifically Prohibited; and advertisements. (pdf, 1.60mb)

Pages 28 - 47 Includes: Deer License & Permit Requirements; Deer Hunting Definitions and Concepts; Deer Regulations; Antlered Buck Permit Deadlines; Six-Day Firearm Deer Season; Feral Hogs; Warning: Tree Stand Hunters; Deer Management Zone Boundaries; Certified Tracking Dogs Speed Recovery of Your Harvest; Deer Harvest Trends in New Jersey; Hunters Helping the Hungry Needs Help with Meat Processing Costs; Deer Archery Regulations; Deer Firearm Regulations; Deer Zone Map; Deer Permit Information; Landowner-Hunter/Trapper Agreement Card; Deer Multi-Zone Permits; All Deer Permit Sales; Warning to Violators; Deer Edible Portions Guide; Public Deer Hunting Land; Deer Special Areas Information; Hunting & Trapping Explorer; How Far Can Your Firearm Shoot; Chronic Wasting Disease; Shooters & Hunters Help Prevent Wildfires; and advertisements. (pdf, 3.93mb)

Page 48 Includes: Black Bear Season Information. (pdf, 591kb)

Pages 49 - 53 Includes: Turkey Regulations; Stalking Turkeys is Illegal; Youth Turkey Hunt Day; Turkey Hunting Seminars; Spring Turkey Permits; Turkey Harvest Tag and Report Requirements, and advertisements. (pdf, 2.23mb)

Pages 54 - 56 Includes: Upland Game Birds Regulations; Upland Game Birds Pheasant and Quail Stocking Schedule; Pheasant and Quail Stamp; Pheasant and Quail Stocking Maps; Areas Open to Quail Hunting; Ruffed Grouse Season Closed; Edible Portions Guide for Rabbit, Squirrel, and Game Birds. (pdf, 712kb)

Pages 57 - 60 Includes: Small Game Regulations; Firearm Ammunition Legal for Hunting Coyote and Fox in New Jersey; and Squirrel Muzzleloading Rifle Season Areas. (pdf, 874kb)

Pages 61 - 65 Includes: Migratory Bird Regulations; Hunters: Report Branded Birds; Did You Harvest a Marked Atlantic Brant?; Youth Waterfowl Hunting Days; New Jersey Waterfowlers Clinic; Nontoxic Shot Regulations; Hunting Hours; Waterfowl Blinds; Veterans/Active Military Waterfowl Hunting Days; and Attention Waterfowl Hunters. (pdf, 1.01mb)

Pages 66 - 68 Includes: Trapping Regulations. (pdf, 1.18mb)

Pages 69 - 82 Includes: Wildlife Management Area Regulations; Farmer Hunting and Permit Information; United Bowhunters; New Jersey State Federation of Sportsmen's Clubs; Wildlife Programs; Outdoor Programs; Governor's Surf Fishing Tournament; Hooked on Fishing Not on Drugs; Operation Game Thief; Sunrise & Sunset; Hunter's Showplace Advertisements; Telephone Directory; and advertisements. (pdf, 4.53mb)

Digest Advertising
The Division of Fish and Wildlife incorporates advertising in each issue of the New Jersey Fish and Wildlife Digest to defray publishing and printing costs. This responsible use of funding permits the Division to expand communication and outreach efforts with the sportsmen and women who enjoy our wildlife resources.

To advertise in upcoming issues of the Digest (freshwater fishing, marine or hunting), click on the link to our publisher, J. F. Griffin Media, or call 413-884-1001.

Past Hunting Issues of the Fish and Wildlife Digest
Past issues are provided for archival, research and informational purposes only.

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