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2003 Hunting Issue of the Fish and Wildlife DIGEST

This page and linked documents are provided for archival, research and informational purposes only.
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The Hunting Issue of the Fish and Wildlife DIGEST is published in August. It is available on this website in its entirety and in individual segments in PDF format.

NOTE: Corrections to August Digest

Complete 2003 Hunting Issue of the Fish and Wildlife DIGEST (3.8mb)

Digest Cover (150kb)

Pages 2 - 11 Contains: Table of Contents, Commissioner's and Director's Messages, Councils, Telephone Directory, Hunting and Trapping License Information, Disabled Vet License Information,Hunting Permits and Stamps, Deer Season Permit Information and Application, and advertisements. (780kb)

Pages 12 - 20 Contains: State Federation Information, License Agents Selling Deer Permits, Highlights of Important Changes in Regulations, General Hunting Regulations, Operation Game Thief and advertisements. (650kb)

Pages 21 - 34 Contains: Deer Hunting Regulations, 2002-03 Deer Harvest Summaries, Deer Season Regulation Set Reference Chart (Zone: Reg Set), Deer Season Regulation Sets and advertisements. (770kb)

Pages 35 - 48 Contains:Special Area Hunting Season Information, Deer Management Zone Descriptions, Deer Management Zone Map, "Hunters Helping the Hungry" Information, Check Station List, Wild Places and Open Spaces Map Information and advertisements. (510kb)

Pages 49 - 61 Contains: Black Bear Regulations, Small Game and Falconry Regulations and Seasons Summary Table, Trapping Regulations, Turkey Seasons Information, Migratory Bird Regulations, Atlantic Brant Patch Program, WMA Regulations, HUNT SMART Courtesy Card, Using Cutting-Edge Technology to Track Deer-Vehicle Collisions and advertisements. (585kb)

Pages 62 - 75 Contains: What is an "Outstanding" Deer?, NJ's Black Bears are Productive, Atlantic Brant Telemetry Study, Species Profile: Beavers, NJ's Wild Turkey Population-Here to Stay, Officers Promote Wildlife Conservation, Sunrise/Sunset Table, Youth Hunt Days Information, Deer Hunter Sports Knife, Outdoor Skills Workshops for Women, New Hunter Education Program a Proven Success, Safety Zone Information, Hunting Opportunities on National Wildlife Refuges, i-MAPNJ Information, Public Deer Hunting Land, Waterfowl Stamp Program Information, Endangered and Threatened Wildlife of NJ Book Information, Governor's Surf Fishing Tournament, and advertisements. (850kb)

Pages 76 - 80 Contains: Classified and other Advertisements. (870kb)

Digest Advertising
The Division of Fish and Wildlife incorporates advertising in each issue of the New Jersey Fish and Wildlife Digest to defray publishing and printing costs. This responsible use of funding permits the Division to expand communication and outreach efforts with the sportsmen and women who enjoy our wildlife resources.

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