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2012 Deer Classic Winners

The Garden State Deer Classic is an annual event showcasing hunter entries in New Jersey’s Outstanding White-tailed Deer Program, which was initiated by the Division of Fish and Wildlife in 1964.

On Sunday, January 15, 2012 at the 23rd Annual Garden State Deer Classic, a large crowd was on hand for the awards program which honors the top three entries in each category for deer harvested during the 2010-2011 hunting seasons.

The 2012 Deer Classic was sponsored by the Division of Fish and Wildlife (DFW), the New Jersey State Federation of Sportsmen’s Clubs (NJSFSC), United Bowhunters of New Jersey (UBNJ), the New Jersey Outdoor Alliance Conservation Foundation and the Garden State Outdoor Sportsmen's Show.

Deer Classic Sponsor Representatives
Sponsor representatives of the 2012 Deer Classic:
Capt. Peter Grimbilas, NJOACF; Cindy Kuenstner DFW; Frank Virgilio, Pres, NJSFSC; Kurt Wille, UBNJ; and John Erndl, President, UBNJ.
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For the complete list and actual scores, see the list of winners below. Click on images to enlarge. All Deer Classic photos courtesy of R. J. Wolven.

135 Pound Doe Club - Archery
135 lb. Doe Club Winner - Bow
Robert Staudt, Jr., 1st Place
200 Pound Buck Club - Archery
200 lb. Club Winners - Bow
Frank Sabatino, 1st Place (#1 All Time Heaviest)
Ken Baker (with son), 2nd Place
Darren Volker, 3rd Place
Typical Archery
Winners - Typical Archery
Charles Dyson, 1st Place
Michael Gehling, 2nd Place
Stephen D. Fox (with son), 3rd Place
Non-Typical Archery
Winner - Non-Typical Archery
Jason Hartman, 1st Place
Stephen Walkiewicz, 2nd Place
Steve DeAnnuntis, 3rd Place
Typical Crossbow
Winner - Typical Crossbow
Rob Winkel, 1st Place
Jack Kearns, 2nd Place
David Bojczak, 3rd Place
Non-Typical Crossbow
Winner - Non-Typical Crossbow
Nick Naperski, 1st Place
Robert Fisher, 2nd Place
Mark Swift, 3rd Place
Typical Shotgun
Winners - Typical Shotgun
Timothy Snyder, Jr., 1st Place
Eric Hensel, 2nd Place
Wally Hopkins, 3rd Place
Non-Typical Shotgun
Winners - Typical Shotgun
Justin Cardinal, 1st Place
Keith Malespina, 2nd Place
Typical Muzzleloader
Winners - Typical Muzzleloader
Jeffrey Krohn, 1st Place
Chris Schmidt, 2nd Place
Jake Reuter IV, 3rd Place
Non-Typical Muzzleloader
Winners - Non-Typical Muzzleloader
Timothy Camburn, 1st Place
Velvet - Typical Archery
Winners - Non-Typical Muzzleloader
Lou Cornine, 1st Place (Deer held by Mark Foster)

Click on the name of the winner below to open an image of the winning deer as displayed at the Deer Classic.

Category Place Name Weight County Harvested DMZ Date Harvested
135 Pound Doe Club - Archery 1st Robert Staudt, Jr. 138 lbs. Somerset 14 10/17/10
135 Pound Doe Club - Muzzleloader 1st Alexander Reszutek 152 lbs. Sussex 2 12/20/10
200 Pound Buck Club - Archery 1st Frank T. Sabatino 242 lbs. Somerset 13 10/19/10
2nd Kenneth W. Baker 216 lbs. Morris 36 9/15/10
3rd Darren Volker 215 lbs. Essex 36 10/21/10

Category Place Name Score County Harvested DMZ Date Harvested
Typical Archery 1st Charles Dyson 163 6/8 Somerset 14 11/7/10
2nd Michael Gehling 157 4/8 Monmouth 50 10/14/10
3rd Steve Fox 152 0/8 Camden 49 12/31/10
Typical Archery - Velvet 1st Lou Cornine 134 1/8 Monmouth 50 9/11/10
Non-Typical Archery 1st Jason R Hartman 183 1/8 Somerset 12 10/30/10
2nd Stephen Walkiewicz 182 1/8 Monmouth 50 10/19/10
3rd Steve DeAnnuntis 145 4/8 Camden 25 10/22/10
Typical Crossbow 1st Rob Winkel 155 4/8 Mercer 17 11/3/10
2nd Jack Kearns 151 3/8 Hunterdon 8 11/7/10
3rd David Bojczak 144 6/8 Somerset 12 11/13/10
Non-Typical Crossbow 1st Nick Naperski 162 4/8 Monmouth 50 10/29/10
2nd Robert Fisher 154 1/8 Salem 63 11/23/10
3rd Mark Swift 150 2/8 Monmouth 50 11/28/10
Typical Shotgun 1st Timothy Snyder, Jr. 140 5/8 Hunterdon 7 12/6/10
2nd Eric Hensel 138 2/8 Atlantic 47 12/8/10
3rd Wally Hopkins 136 6/8 Ocean 17 1/10/11
Non-Typical Shotgun 1st Justin Cardinal 154 7/8 Gloucester 65 12/9/10
2nd Keith Malespina 144 2/8 Mercer 14 12/8/10
Typical Muzzleloader 1st Jeffrey Krohn 146 0/8 Sussex 1 11/29/10
2nd Chris Schmidt 145 4/8 Monmouth 50 1/10/11
3rd Jake Reuter, IV 138 6/8 Gloucester 35 12/31/10
Non-Typical Muzzleloader 1st Timothy Camburn 149 4/8 Ocean 21 11/29/10
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